Acsential Services, provides years of professional experience in janitorial and food related services. We always exceeded our customer expectations. Our clientele continues to grow, through the recommendations of our existing clients and by new customers looking for an experienced professional service. Our success depends on your satisfaction we keep our promises. We provide services for office, retail, leisure, healthcare and educational areas. Our client base is in the Atlanta Area and the surrounding areas where we have clients in both the private and public sector. Big corporations and smaller organizations want the same thing: high quality service at the most affordable price. Acsential Services delivers quality results.

Acsential Services, focuses on providing excellence in fulfillment with skilled and depth knowledge by leveraging from a large pool of expertise.

Our Quality Control Plan (QC) consists of more than seventy pages and maps out the proper way to maintain good personal hygiene. It also lays out the proper means of maintaining cleaning equipment.

Policy and Procedures-In accordance with our policy and procedures, all employees are (will) be inspected daily for uniform cleanliness, proper fitting, proper name tags and proper shoes. Also, our policy and procedures prohibit smoking in any Government building. Our procedures also govern the misconduct of all employees with zero tolerance.

Corporate commitment to maintaining and exceeding a superior level of service.

Management and Accounting Systems that have been proven on a large government contract.

Demonstrated cost control through consistent underruns on previous cost reimbursement contracts.

Successful management performance on projects with all the functional tasks required.

A Management Track Record that assures the Government of a responsive and responsible contractor.

Financial capability that ensures ability to meet all contractual obligations.

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